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In my new house, I had a variety of freshly laid tiles, including stone tiles for the pathways, marble tiles in the bathrooms, and porcelain tiles in the kitchen. Wanting to ensure their long-term protection, I decided to have them sealed but wasn't sure if it was possible to seal all types of tiles. Upon my dad's recommendation, I reached out to Tile and Grout Pro. He had faced a similar situation and was highly satisfied with the job they had done. Given that my tiles were brand new and of considerable value, I had concerns. However, the Tile and Grout Pro team displayed exceptional patience and took the time to explain the sealing process for different tile types, the specific sealers they would use, their durability, and provided valuable advice on tile maintenance. I made several calls to Tile and Grout Pro to confirm details, inquire about pricing, and ensure the job could be scheduled on a weekend. The team was incredibly patient and helpful throughout. Once I had gathered all the information I needed, I was ready to proceed. Surprisingly, the work carried out by Tile and Grout Pro took less time than the duration I spent researching and gathering information. I apologize for any inconvenience caused and sincerely thank Tile and Grout Pro for their exceptional service.

Monica Petrovski, West Beach, SA

I was on the verge of selling my house when I became dissatisfied with the appearance of the tiles in the dining area. Although the tiles themselves were white and shiny, the grout appeared dark and dirty, significantly diminishing the room's beauty. With a potential buyer already in the picture, I knew that the unappealing grout could deter their interest. With limited time available to address the issue, I decided to contact Tile and Grout Pro based on a recommendation from my real estate agency. True to my agent's words, Tile and Grout Pro promptly responded to my request. During their visit, they even noticed that some of the grout in the hallway was deteriorating, which I hadn't even noticed myself. I am incredibly grateful for their swift resolution of my problem. The house has since been sold, and I made sure to provide the new owner with Tile and Grout Pro' contact details so they can maintain the tiles in excellent condition.dn't have much time to fix the grout and decided to call Tile and Grout Pro as my real estate agency mentioned them. As my real estate agent said, Tile and Grout Pro responded really quickly. They also pointed out that some of the grout was coming off in the hallway when they were there, which I had not even noticed. Thank you for fixing my problem so quickly. The house is sold now and I left your details with the new owner so they can keep the tiles in good condition.

Anna Rodwell, Tingalpa, QLD

I noticed that some of the tiles in my bathroom walls were loose and the grout was coming off. I am a very busy so kept on postponing calling someone to fix it. One day I got home and the loose tiles were lying broken on the floor. Can you imagine my frustration? I rang my brother in panic and he gave me Tile and Grout Pro' contact details. I rang them straight away. The guys told me I needed a tiler and professional regrouting work done so I thought it would take ages to fix my problem. However they organized the work very well. I had my tiles fixed on Friday night the same week and the entire bathroom regrouted on Saturday. Thank you some much for your quick help; it was such a relief.

Kerry McMyre, Mosman, NSW

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Quarry Sealing

We provide professional Quarry tile sealing and protection solutions for commercial & residential clients throughout .

Save yourself time, effort and money and extend the lifetime of your Quarry with our specialist sealing techniques and products.

For a free estimate or to schedule your appointment, please call 1300 771 201 or use our quick enquiry form.

We cover all suburbs

 Buxton Red Ivory Unglazed Quarry Tile Cleaning & Sealing

As quarry tile is unglazed, it is essential to protect it with sealers. However, it is worth noting that there is no single sealer that can work effectively for all quarry floors.

For the best invisible protection of your tiles, Tile and Grout Pro in recommends the use of a Penetrating Impregnating Sealer. This type of sealer is designed to penetrate the tiles, providing long-lasting protection. It forms a protective barrier within the tile, offering excellent durability and longevity compared to other sealers. Our team understands the importance of preserving the natural appearance of your tiles while ensuring they are well-protected. By opting for a Penetrating Impregnating Sealer, you can enjoy the benefits of invisible and long-lasting protection for your tiles.

Another alternative is to apply a topical sealer, which sits on the surface of the quarry tile. While a topical sealer can still offer protection against stains, it is not as long-lasting as a penetrating impregnating sealer, and signs of wear will become more apparent over time. It's important to note that topical sealers should never be used on external quarry tiles.

Our Sealing Process

When it comes to sealing Quarry tiles, there are various factors to consider that are specific to the environment they are in. At Tile and Grout Pro in , we possess the necessary experience and knowledge to select the perfect sealer for your Quarry tiles. We understand that each situation is unique, and we take the time to assess your specific needs. Our goal is to achieve optimum protection for your tiles, and to ensure this, we only utilize the highest quality sealers in our processes. Trust us to deliver exceptional results and provide the best protection for your Quarry tiles.

In the case that you opt for a topical sealer instead of an impregnating sealer, we suggest applying at least three coats of the sealer. Afterward, apply a minimum of two coats of acrylic floor finish. You can use a floor-polishing machine and a lamb's wool pad to apply a paste wax and buff the floor after the wax has dried. It's crucial to periodically strip the wax off, clean the floor thoroughly, and reapply the finishes. For this process, stripping machines can be rented. Note that dirt can accumulate under wax, so it's essential to ensure that the entire floor is thoroughly cleaned before waxing. If stubborn spots remain, use a synthetic scouring pad and a heavy-duty cleaning agent to address stains.

Prior to commencing the sealing process, our technicians will evaluate your floor to determine if it has been previously sealed and, if so, what type of product was used. Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, we understand that you expect superior results, and that is precisely what we will deliver.

To prevent debris from being sealed into the tiles, we perform a comprehensive and professional cleaning of the area before starting the sealing process.

To ensure an even finish and complete coverage of all areas of the tile, our technicians apply the sealers using a brush or a mop-like tool in a strategic manner.

Pre-Sealing Preparation

Proper preparation is crucial to attain a premium finish for your quarry floors. If your tiles have been previously sealed, particularly if it was more than 10 years ago, it's recommended that you provide details about the type of sealer that was used. This will allow our specialists to select the best match for your tiles.

  • To ensure a quick and efficient process, all furniture and items must be removed from the surface before the sealing process begins.
  • Tile and Grout Pro in is dedicated to providing a thorough and professional cleaning service. Our team will conduct a comprehensive cleaning process to ensure that any debris or dirt is completely removed from the surface. We understand the importance of a pristine surface, and we utilize our expertise and advanced techniques to achieve exceptional results. Trust us to leave your tiles impeccably clean and free from any unwanted particles.
  • It's essential that the floors are completely dry before the sealing process can commence.
 Buxton Red Ivory Quarry Tile Cleaning & Sealing

Our Sealing Products

At Tile and Grout Pro in , we take pride in our commitment to using eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions for superior tile cleaning and sealing. Unlike many companies that rely on harsh products that can actually cause further harm to your floors, we prioritize the use of gentle yet effective solutions. Our eco-friendly approach ensures that your tiles are cleaned and sealed without compromising their integrity or the well-being of the environment. Trust us to provide a safe and sustainable solution for all your tile cleaning and sealing needs.

Our Penetrating Impregnating Sealer is recommended for its ability to penetrate the tile surface, providing a natural matte finish while also offering optimal stain protection. This sealer is particularly ideal for external quarry tiles. With regular maintenance, your tiles can remain protected for many years to come.

If you're looking for a glossy finish that's less natural-looking for your Quarry, a topical sealer would be the ideal choice. However, it's important to note that its lifespan is shorter compared to an impregnating sealer, as it provides a surface seal.

When it comes to tiles like Quarry, it is not uncommon for them to have been previously sealed with a solvent-based sealer. However, for newly laid Quarry tiles, it is not recommended to use a solvent-based sealer due to its chemical compounds. If a solvent-based sealer has been previously applied, special care and different products are required to strip and reseal the tiles. The new sealer must also be solvent-based to ensure it adheres properly to any remaining solvent after stripping. Applying a water-based sealer over a solvent-based sealer can lead to negative reactions and result in a subpar finish. At Tile and Grout Pro, we specialize in stripping and sealing solvent-sealed Quarry tiles, and we are able to achieve a superb finish. Rest assured that our expertise and methods will restore the beauty of your Quarry tiles in .

Cleaning Quarry Tiles

It's recommended to have your Quarry tiles professionally cleaned before sealing them. Failure to do so can result in the dirt or grime underneath the sealer becoming permanent, which can be difficult to remove later on.

Our sealers are the best on the market ensuring ease of maintenance, optimum protection and longevity to the life of your Quarry

For a free estimate or to schedule your appointment, please call 1300 771 201 or use our quick enquiry form

To ensure compliance with industry standards over time, our sealers undergo rigorous testing under harsh conditions.

Quarry Tile Sealer Care

  • Consult the manufacturer for their recommendation when laying a new floor.
  • Regularly sweep or vacuum the floors.
  • Use a clean microfiber mop to mop the floors, and rinse it regularly.
  • Use a few drops of neutral cleaner in warm water for mopping.
  • Rinse the floors thoroughly with a clean, damp mop to ensure no residue is left.
  • Use coasters under furniture and chairs to avoid scratches and marks.
  • Place mats or rugs on high traffic areas to protect the flooring.
  • Avoid using acidic products, as they can damage the flooring.

Take care and pride of your tile and it will perform at its best for many years to come.

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